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EG Chess for iPad

Postby Whiterook » Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:00 pm

Chess on the iPad...for me, it's a must-have. So when I first bought my iPad, the first thing I looked for was the best chess app out there. Let me tell, you...there are a lot of crappy ones! ...and I dare say the vast majority are crap.

But luckily, I found the BEST one!!!

EG Chess, by Kris Arndt. It is a complete 3D chess experience in HD. That was the first requirement for had to be 3-D. The next requirement was the ability to rotate the board to adjust to any viewing angle. This app does so seamlessly. And the third requirement was, it had to have screen capture....

Ahhhh, this is where EG Chess separates itself from the pack and leads the way. There is NO other app I can find that has screen capture! As you know, we play games here...and chess is now one of them! This also opens up the ability to play by e-mail, as well.

This app also goes a step beyond the pack in having exceptionally nice background graphics, as well as four different chessboard styles:









I love how you simply tap the piece you're thinking of moving, and all available options (shown as dots) magically appear. What this brings to the table (pun intended) is also serving as a great teaching tool for anyone that wants to get into this wonderful game.

So what else?

- 3D board and pieces with the ability to rotate to any view
- Play against a computer opponent
- 2 player local mode
- Play online versus your friends
- Official FIDE (Elo) rating system
- 4 different 3D environments
- 2-D piece set option for 2D mode
- 3-D lock view button
- Undo
- Online leaderboard
- Multiplayer chat
- Online games can be played at any pace and your opponent does not need to be online to play
- Lobby notifications to notify you when your game is joined or a move is made
- Save and load previous games
- PGN export and load
- Varying computer opponent difficulty

I cannot recommend this highly enough...if you have an iPad, you NEED this app!
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